Our security divisions include:

Capital Air Security Operations (CASO):

Capital Air Security Operations (CASO) focuses on all types of security risk situations, with services ranging from basic to bespoke.

Capital Air Reaction Services:

Response Services, Off-Site Monitoring, Surveillance, Tracking and Recovery Services
(both national and cross-border)

Capital Air Risk Solutions:

Armed or VIP Escort Services and Investigations (forensic, civil, criminal, industrial, corporate and private)

Capital Control & Crisis Centre:

For 24-hour assistance and emergency response services, fully SAIDSA approved, with dedicated controllers; a one-stop hub for all the services provided by Capital Air, Capital Air Security Operations (CASO) and Capital Air Reaction Services (CARS)

All Capital Air Security personnel have extensive knowledge on all lawful aspects and are further trained in basic medical treatment and handling of hazardous materials, amongst other specialist skills.

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